Project of the Month - Live Streaming Drone

By Jake Kenin

Build Details

Ground Control Viewer

Real-time 360 video stream from 1/4 mile away
Open source Amelia Viewer
Can record video to camera
Works in VR headsets
Code, questions, discuss

Tested in Flight

Stream up to 1920x960 live from camera
Record video while displaying it
Display live or pre-recorded videos in Oculus or Vive
Code, questions, discuss

Open Project

A-Frame and Electron interface
USB-to-Ethernet adapter with PoE
Ubiquiti Rocket 5AC Lite radio transmission
Omnicharge 13 for power

Cool Tech

NanoBeam 5AC Gen2 for base station
DHCP server assigns IP to camera
Testing of RTMP and RTSP versus MPEG


Open source project and diagrams
Need help building THETA plug-in to stream 4K video. Learn through discussion with core developer. Ask questions, give feedback. Help build the plug-in.
Code, questions, discuss

Cutting Edge

World's first open source project to stream THETA from a drone. New techniques for drone hardware, software, network transmission Many challenges you can help with in this new frontier. Join the fun and learning. See you in the community.
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Full Parts Listing

System is about $1,000, excluding drone
Payload is roughly 6 pounds
Custom printed payload mount
5 GHz data transmission