How to Use the THETA Plug-in Ideas Database

This site is for Android programmers and those on their way to becoming one. It's a place to share ideas. See one you like? You can claim it, work on it, and submit it to the RICOH THETA Plug-in Store.

A RICOH THETA camera is not needed. However, some experience using a THETA is extremely helpful to understand what’s possible.

The developers community has worked with THETA plug-ins - Android apps installed inside the camera to customize functionality - in a wide range of business cases and individual projects. THETAs are already widely used in business fields like construction, real estate, used car sales, virtual tours / virtual training and more.

On this site, there are both pure ideas and fully functional plug-ins.

You can take the fully functional plug-in and make major or minor modifications and submit it to the RICOH THETA Dream and Build contest. Improve your skills and get a chance to win great prizes like a DJI - Mavic Air Quadcopter drone, an HTC Vive Pro VR headset, and Android Slate tablet, a RICOH GR II camera, and tons more!

Who This is For

If any of the following bullets fit you, we can help you get a plug-in submitted to the contest for a chance to win prizes:
  • Interest in 360 images
  • You have a THETA V, have no experience programming, but want to give it a try
  • You do not have a THETA V, but have some experience programming with any language
  • You want to learn about Android Studio

Free Services to Help You is providing these free services:
  • Walkthrough of Android Studio
  • Video conference help
  • Email help
  • Complete projects with full source code
  • Instructions and help to change plug-in name
  • Help with changing basic settings in the code
    • Exposure compensation
    • Time delay
    • RICOH THETA API v2.1 listed here

Additional Services if You Don't Have a Camera

For people without a camera, we are providing these additional free services:


  • Mac, Windows, or Linux computer capable of running Android Studio
  • Minimum 3GB RAM, 1280x800 screensize
  • 2 to 4GB free disk space
Get Started now! Send Jesse Casman ( an email picking your idea. We'll send you a zipped Android project to get you up and going quickly, and we'll pull your idea down off the site. It's yours now!