THETA Accelerometer

May 19, 2019, 10:14 p.m.

Access the internal accelerometer sensor of the THETA. Use sensor data in a creative way to take a picture. One example is the Raise Your Hand plug-in (under development). Just lifting the THETA above your head takes a picture. No need for the mobile app. No need to even press a button. The movement of the camera in a linear, vertical, upward direction cause the THETA to take a picture.

Variables - Grab data from the THETA internal accelerometer and Magnetic Field (eCompass). Triggers can be set for acceleration on x, y, z axes and orientation based on pitch, roll, and azimuth. You can trigger a picture along one (or more) axes and adjust interval and sensitivity to make it more suitable different use cases.

Lots of possibilities for customization. Build an animal photo trap that is triggered when the animal moves the bait. Create a dog door security setup that takes a picture whenever the dog door opens. Develop a commercial vehicle dash cam that takes a picture when the car de-accelerates (accident or near miss). Hack a party “fun” cam to take pictures of you and your friends when you jump in the air.