Lightside Darkside

May 17, 2019, 4:02 p.m.

Intended Use: The idea is to get a short range of images for each shot you take. This should help with point-and-shoot issues, you'll be able to pick the best of the three each time. Since you don't need to connect to you mobile phone at all, there are no problems with connecting or even having a smartphone with you. Just press the shutter button and you get three exposures each time with Exposure Compensation of -1, 0, +1. You could also take the three shots and combine them into an HDR image with PhotoShop or the free software such Picturenaut or Luminance HDR.

Usage: Put THETA into Plug-in mode. Put camera on tripod. Press shutter button. There is no audio or visual cue. Hide if you want to get out of the shot. First picture is taken after 4 seconds. Each subsequent shot is taken after 4 seconds. Audio beep after each shot. After the third shot, you can retrieve your camera. Download images later to a laptop over USB. Or view them and move them over using the official RICOH THETA mobile app.

Extra - If you press the Wi-Fi button on the side of the camera, Lightside Darkside will take 5 images with Exposure Compensation of -2, -1, 0, +1, +2. Press the Wi-Fi button again to set Lightside Darkside back to 3 images. When you first press the Wi-Fi side button, there's a small audio beep, but no visual indicator. When you are taking the 5 shots, the Wi-Fi LED will flash magenta.

LED Explanation - Wi-Fi LED flashes cyan (blue) when taking shots. You will be in Plug-in mode and therefore the main front LED will be white during operation.

Would be relatively easy to change the Exposure Compensation settings to a different range. Or take more or less pictures.