Getting Started with RICOH THETA - Sharing Concepts and Ideas

May 15, 2019, 10:18 p.m.

This site is for Android programmers and those on their way to becoming one. Experience using a 360 degree camera is extremely helpful to understand what’s possible. THETAs are widely used in business fields like construction, real estate, used car sales, virtual tours / virtual training and more. If you are comfortable with Android programming or just getting started, this site should be a resource.

The developers community has worked with THETA plug-ins (Android apps installed inside the camera to customize functionality) is a wide range of business cases and individual projects.

The development environment is similar to building apps for an Android phone. Android Studio and SDK are key tools. Along with that, RICOH provides APIs and an SDK to get you started. Furthermore, there is a wide range of open source plug-in code that can be studied, copied, and used for your own purposes.

We have worked with the community to build ideas and sample plug-ins. On this site, there are both ideas and fully functional plug-ins.

You can take the fully functional plug-in and make major or minor modifications and submit it to the RICOH THETA Dream and Build contest. Improve your skills and get a chance to win great prizes like a DJI - Mavic Air Quadcopter drone, an HTC Vive Pro VR headset, and Android Slate tablet, a RICOH GR II camera, and tons more!