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Getting Started with RICOH THETA - Sharing Concepts and Ideas

May 15 2019

This site is for Android programmers and those on their way to becoming one. Experience using a 360

THETA Accelerometer

May 19 2019

Access the internal accelerometer sensor of the THETA. Use sensor data in a creative way to take a p

Shutter Volume Control

May 17 2019

RICOH THETA plug-in to set shutter volume. Intended Use: Adjust shutter volume without the use

Sleep Delay Control

May 19 2019

Disables sleep. Useful for developers working with plug-ins, you do not need to use the mobile app t

Big Time Delay

May 19 2019

Sets self-timer delay for longer than 5 seconds. Press shutter button and automatically take 4 shots

Lightside Darkside

May 17 2019

Intended Use: The idea is to get a short range of images for each shot you take. This should help

Video Stitching Toggle

May 19 2019

This is a Plug-in to toggle between doing video stitching in-camera or recording in dual-fisheye.